GEOMAP Srl is a limited-liability engineering company whose main purpose is the provision of services and the realization of studies in the fields of applied geology, territory and environment, research and evaluation of natural resources, geographic information systems and thematic mapping.

GEOMAP Srl – Società di Ingegneria was born as a natural evolution of Geomap Srl, established in 1989, and Geomap Studio Geologico, whose activity started in 1958 with Prof. Enrico Marchesini and dr. Sergio Bemporad, Carlo Conedera, Pietro Dainelli, Alessandro Ercoli e Paolo Facibeni, very well known in Italy as well as abroad, not only for the high quality of its work, but also for the professional and human virtues of its members.

The activity of GEOMAP covers every step of collection, management, analysis and presentation of geographic data and is carried out by means of surveys in the field, interpretation of aerial and ground photos, processing and interpretation of remotely-sensed images, design, realization and updating of geodatabases, acquisition and elaboration of spatial data, map production, technical assistance and professional training.