Applied Geology, Geomorphology and Hydrogeology

Applied geology, and geomorphology

  • geological base mapping: field survey, remote sensing, laboratory analysis, geological geo-databases design and creation, editing and print of geological maps and explanatory notices;
  • analysis of geological, geomorphological and environmental conditions related to the selection and study of optimal routes for roads, railroads, hydraulic pipes, power lines and other linear infrastructures. Geological, structural and slope stability surveys for tunnels, dams, bridges and other works. Research of building material, inventories for quarrying activity;
  • geotechnical studies for building, infrastructures and industrial plants;
  • multi-temporal studies, by means of aerial photos and other historic images, for the analysis of the evolution of industrial sites and for planning of recovery, reclamation and securing;
  • research and analysis of appropriate sites for dumps of urban and industrial waste;
  • geology and geomorphology for watershed management, studies of fluvial morphology for the protection from floods and erosion;
  • studies of landslides and multi-temporal analysis of their evolution; slope stability mapping in support of projects for specific infrastructures;
  • terrestrial photogrammetric surveys of sub-vertical rock walls and geo-structural analysis for the assessment of potential instability.


  • regional studies, geological and geomorphological surveys, aimed at the research and evaluation of surface and groundwater resources; fracture analysis for the evaluation of secondary permeability and as a guide for further geophysical investigation for the research of groundwater in igneous and carbonate rocks;
  • water points inventory; geologic assistance to drilling and testing;
  • geological and geomorphological surveys for the location and evaluation of potential reservoirs; choice and study of dam sites, analysis of upstream basins;
  • selection of routes for waterworks and hydraulic pipelines; analysis of geological and slope stability conditions of the layout;
  • land use and land cover in support of the evaluation of the water demand and distribution;