Energy and Mineral Resources

Support to exploration:

  • regional and detailed geologic and structural studies, by means of interpretation and spectral processing of remotely sensed imagery (optical and radar); fracture analysis and structural interpretation, in support to mineral, hydrocarbon and geothermal resources exploration;
  • field surveys for geological mapping, stratigraphic and structural studies and ore deposits evaluation; detailed studies of seismic lines layouts;
  • selection and study of optimal layouts for oil and gas pipelines and power lines and sites for deposits and installations;

Support to environment protection:

  • environmental screening and preliminary impact evaluations, relative to the activity of exploration and production of hydrocarbons, for on-shore and off-shore applications of exploration permits and concessions for exploitation in course of approval;
  • environmental impact studies, included the assistance during the procedure of evaluation. On-shore: for applications of permits waiting for award, including protected natural areas (SIC, ZCS and others), for drilling sites, seismic lines, oil and gas pipelines, transformation plants, windpower and photovoltaic installations; off-shore: for drilling and production platforms, laying of submarine sealines technological installations (LNG terminals);
  • environmental characterization studies for projects of recovery of contaminated sites.