Land, Environment and Cultural Heritage


  • production and updating of thematic maps, realization of Information Systems for the management and elaboration of territorial data, calibration and validation of land cover classifications, by means of field surveys and video interpretation and processing of remotely-sensed data;
  • multi-temporal analysis, by means of remote sensing techniques, of the evolution of land use, urban areas, industrial and dump sites, vulnerable areas;
  • thematic studies for the development of Catchment Plans, Territorial Plans and Park Plans;
  • field survey and mapping of landslides, erosion, slope stability and coastal dynamics; multi-temporal analysis, by means of remote sensing, of the evolution of such processes;
  • land system and land classification studies, by means of remote sensing and field work, for the planning of land use;
  • photo-interpretation and field work for soil survey;
  • design and realization of geographical databases;
  • updating and elaboration of cartographic bases.


  • environmental Impact Assessment studies;
  • environmental characterization studies for projects of contaminated land reclamation;
  • research and evaluation of areas designed for urban and industrial waste dumps;
  • studies in support of the planning of quarrying activity.

Cultural Heritage

  • location of archeological sites, buried or submerged, by means of photo-interpretation of remotely-sensed data; geomorphological analysis for the reconstruction of palaeo-environments related to ancient settlements;
  • geological, hydrogeological and structural surveys for the restoration, protection and conservation of archaeological sites. Analysis of construction materials and ancient mortars with the location of provenance sites, for restoration activities planning;
  • geophysical prospections for the individuation of buried structures and hypogeum caves, and for a non-destructive check of anomalies detected by remote sensing.