Blawan Ijen geothermal field, Indonesia

Name of project:
Geo-structural study of the Blawan-Ijen geothermal field
Country: Area of study:
Indonesia Island of Java
ELC – Electroconsult (Baranzate, Milano, Italy)
Project objectives:
To carry out a geo-structural and geomorphological study, by optical and radar remote sensing, in support of the exploration of the geothermal field of Blawan Ijen
Composition of the working group:
Personnel involved:
2 geologists photointerpreters, 1 GIS and Remote Sensing expert
Number man/months:
Project steps:
In a first phase the acquisition and pre-processing of remotely sensed imagery both optical (Aster and Landsat) and radar (Alos Palsar) has been carried out, in order to make them geometrically correct and suitable for photo-interpretation.
In a second phase, the photointerpretation of the above-mentioned images in a GIS environment has been performed, aimed at the extraction of the following themes: total field of lineations, drainage network and landforms (with special attention to volcanic features), photo-geology. DTM, topographic and geological raster maps have been used also, as ancillary data.
The total field of lineation has been subsequently processed and analysed: 1) to produce statistically aggregated data such as rose diagrams, used to represent the various trends of azimuthal orientation of linear features, both on the whole, and subdivided by categories and geological units; 2) to generate maps of fracture density and nodal points (where two or more lineations cross), obtained by a particular methodology which uses a multicriterial analysis for the evaluation of linear features, by means of weighs related to several parameters, such as lithology, slope, stress field, etc.
The study has produced a final report and a series of maps at 1:50,000 scale: maps of the study area with a remote sensing image in background, drainage network, geomorphology, geology, total field of lineations (with rose diagrams), density of lineations, density of nodal points. Furthermore, maps of the thermal bands of Landsat and Aster were produced
Start (year/month): End (year/month): Value of the project:
09/2011 12/2011