Geomorphologic study, Bolivia

Name of project:
Master Plan of the TDPS System
Country: Area of study:
Bolivia Titicaca Lake, Rio Desaguadero, Popò Lake, Salar de Coipasa
Consortium INTECSA – AIC Progetti – CNRS.I
Project objectives:
The assessment of the water resources and the rationalisation of their exploitation; the control of erosion and the protection from floods in the cuenca of Rio Desaguadero- TDPS System (Titicaca Lake, Rio Desaguadero, Popò Lake, Salar de Coipasa)
Composition of the working group:
Personnel involved:
2 geologists, 1 GIS expert
Number man/months:
Project steps:
The survey at a regional scale of the whole endoreic basin of the TDPS System, carried out at two levels of detail:
1)A geomorphologic study, carried out by interpretation of Landsat TM images, over a total surface of 144,000 Km2 (of which 12,000 occupied by water), with the production of a geomorphologic map at 1:250,000 scale;
2) A detailed geomorphologic study on the Cuenca of Rio Desaguadero, realised by interpretation of stereoscopic aerial photographs, over an area of 26,000 Km2, aiming at the geological characterization of the geomorphologic units, the classification of the level of erosion, with particular attention to the swamp areas, the “salares” and, above all, to the flood-prone areas. This study produced a geomorphologic map at 1:100,000 scale.
A mission was carried out in the field, in order to verify the evolution of fluvial and slope dynamics in an area subjected to uplifts and volcanic activity.
Start (year/month): End (year/month): Value of the project:
03/1992 03/1993 € 47,500.00