Hal Saflieni Hypogeum, Malta

Name of project:
Hal Saflieni Hypogeum
Country: Area of study:
Malta Hal Saflieni
UNESCO – National Museum of Archaeology, Malta
Project objectives:
To define the geo-structural and hydrogeological situation of the site, in order to determine the causes of hydric seepage and stagnation, high humidity with development of organisms, degradation of wall paintings
Composition of the working group:
Personnel involved:
2 geologists, 1 technical draftsman
Number man/months:
Project steps:
Detailed geological and structural surveys were carried out in situ, aimed at the measurement of rock bedding, fault and fracture planes and the correlation with hydric occurrences, in order to reconstruct the possible paths followed by fluids, both natural and human waste. The field measurements were integrated with those carried out by aerial photographs.
The study also took into account the chemical characteristics of waters and human pressure existing outside the archaeological complex, including water supply and sewerage networks.
A map outlining the boundaries of risk areas was produced, defined by those zones where water seepage could reach the levels of the Hypogeum, representing their path of movement and suggesting all the available actions to stop them
Start (year/month): End (year/month): Value of the project:
1992 1992