Rio Guavio Dam, Colombia

Name of project:
Surveys on the area concerned by the construction of the rock-fill dam along the course of the Rio Guavio River
Country: Area of study:
Colombia Rio Guavio, Cordillera Oriental
Consortium Vianini-Entrecanales
Project objectives:
1st phase – provide information on geology, structures and morphology for the executive planning, the location of construction materials and the emplacement of the yard plants. 2nd phase – evaluate the possible risks connected with slope instability induced by the construction of service roads
Composition of the working group:
Personnel involved:
2 geologists, 1 photographer, 2 technical draftsmen
Number man/months:
Project steps:
The first phase of surveys was carried out by interpretation of existing aerial photographs, the information extracted were transferred on a topographic base at 1:5,000 scale. The field work consisted of the characterization of the site by a geo-structural and morphological standpoint and of the verification of photointerpretation. Thematic maps were produced.
In the second phase a geomorphologic analysis of the area was conducted, based on aerial photos taken just after the realisation of the service road network, which caused several landslide of different extent, completely hindering, in some cases, the construction activities. A comparison between aerial photos taken before and after landslides was made, in order to analyse the original morphologic setting of the area.
The legend adopted for the thematic maps describes, for each landslide (active or potential), the amount of risk related to its presence, evaluating the probability that the event could occur (low, medium, high), the resulting effect (small, big, catastrophic), the type of landslide (rockfall or topple, sliding, flowing, complex) and the volume of earth involved, expressed in cubic metres
Start (year/month): End (year/month): Value of the project:
1981 1984 € 7,000.00