Alessandro Ercoli

Geologist, graduated in 1964 at the University of Florence, he is active in applied geology and geomorphology, remote sensing and thematic mapping.

Since 1965, he has carried out his professional activity for Geomap, both in Italy and abroad, as geologist and photo-interpreter, in several fields of applied Earth Science, such as: exploration of oil, mineral and geothermal resources, including environmental analysis; hydrogeological studies both at the regional and the local scale, for the exploitation of groundwater; analysis of the evolution in time of large sectors of some important Italian rivers; thematic mapping for regional, local and basin planning; geological studies in support of highway, railway tunnels, dams and hydraulic tunnels projects; studies of landslides and rock falls, analysis of slope stability; analysis of environmental changes occurred at industrial sites subject to reclamation; studies aimed at the location, protection and restoration of archeological sites.

From March 1966 to February 1968 he has been field geologist for the Italian Geological Service for the realization of the new Geological Map of Italy at the 1:100.000 scale (sheets 108, 164 and part of 190).

He has also been assistant lecturer of Lithology and Geology at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Florence from 1972 to 1980 and lecturer on contract for the supplementary course of Applied Geology in the years 1983/84 and 1985/86.

He is member of Società Geologica Italiana (Italian Geological Society) and he is registered at No. 34 in the Regional Roll of Geologists of Tuscany since 11/05/1968.