Paolo Nafissi

Geologist, graduated in 1982 at the University of Florence, he is active in applied geology and geomorphology, remote sensing and thematic mapping.

He has always collaborated with Geomap (of which he is partner since 2008) in the fields of remote sensing and photo-interpretation applied to projects of geomorphology, structural geology, applied geology, thematic mapping and studies for the assessment of environmental impact and for the environmental analysis of protected areas.

He has carried out geostructural and photo-geological surveys, with the production of detailed mapping, for Geomap and as a consultant of the University of Florence, within projects of hydrocarbon, mineral and geothermal resources exploration, in several areas of Italy and abroad: Bolivia, Iberian Peninsula, Morocco, Pakistan, Svalbard Islands, Balkans, Greece and Turkey. He has carried out also geomorphologic and hydrogeologic studies for several Catchment Plans in Italy.

He has been field geologist for highway and railways projects (High speed train, Cassino-Rome and Bologna-Florence sections) and has participated to studies aimed at the protection and restoration of archeological sites (Malta, Italy).

He has been involved as photo-interpreter in the update of land use and land cover geodatabases of several Italian regions (Puglia, Lombardia, Sicilia, Calabria, Basilicata), within the CORINE Land Cover Project.

He is the author and manager since 1992 of the “Archigeoitalia” on-line database (, which stores the references to all the publications issued in Italian journals concerning Earth Sciences.

He is member of the Società Geologica Italiana (Italian Geological Society) and he is registered at No. 327 in the Regional Roll of Geologists of Tuscany since 20/09/1983.