• Environmental Impact Assessment studies (EIS)
  • Environmental characterization studies for projects of contaminated land reclamation
  • Research and evaluation of areas designed for urban and industrial waste dumps
  • Studies in support of the planning of quarrying activity
  • Multi-temporal studies, by means of aerial photos and other historic images, for the analysis of the evolution of industrial sites and for planning of recovery, reclamation and securing


  • Location of archaeological sites, buried or submerged, through the photo-interpretation of remotely-sensed data; geomorphological analysis for the reconstruction of palaeoenvironment related to ancient settlements
  • Geological, hydrogeological and structural surveys for the restoration, protection and conservation of archaeological sites. Analysis of construction materials and ancient mortars with the location of provenance sites, for planning restoration activities
  • Geophysical prospecting for the location of buried structures and hypogeum cavities, and for a non-destructive checking of anomalies detected by remote sensing