Drone Surveys

  • Photogrammetric surveys for the production of:
    • ortophotomosaics
    • digital elevation models (DSM, DTM, ecc.)
    • 3D terrain models
  • Surveys for the evaluation and monitoring of:
    • agricultural activities
    • forest resources
    • hydrogeological instability and other geological criticalities
  • Surveys for mapping production
  • Surveys of buildings and artifacts aimed at the production of 3D models and front views
  • Buildings and infrastructures inspection

In collaboration with Geologist Daniele Lisi

Geophysical Prospecting

  • Surface wave dispersion analysis according to the following methodologies: MASW (Multi-channel Analysis of Surface Waves) in Rayleigh and Love waves, ESAC (Extended Spatial Autocorrelation), HVSR (Horizontal-to-Vertical Spectral Ratio), HoliSurface® (method patented by the Eliosoft company), MAAM (Miniature Array Analysis of Microtremors)
  • Seismic refraction in P and Sh waves (seismic tomography or GRM method)
  • Seismic Down Hole
  • Investigations on building vibration modes and frequencies

In collaboration with Songeo Srl Company

In situ Geotechnical Investigation:

  • geognostic drillings
  • execution of borehole tests such as: S.P.T. and pressure measurements (Menard pressuremeter)
  • Lefranc permeability tests with variable and constant load, Lugeon tests
  • installation of inclinometers, settlement gauges, inclinoassestimeters, Norton and Casagrande piezometers
  • static cone penetrometer tests such as: C.P.T. – C.P.T.E. – C.P.T.U. – S.C.P.T.U. – dissipation tests
  • dynamic penetrometer tests such as D.P.S.H.
  • consulting on territorial planning

Environmental Investigation and Analysis:

  • investigations for the environmental characterization of contaminated site
  • installation of piezometers, instrumentation and acquisition of groundwater chemical, physical and biological parameters
  • piezometer rehabilitation and development with air lift method
  • sampling of different environmental matrices (soil, water) according to the UNI 10802: 2013 standard
  • chemical analysis of terrain, water, gas with portable instrumentation
  • field measurement, analyses and tests for in situ land treatment and remediation:
    • Drawdown Test
    • Soil Vapour Extraction Test
    • Skimmer Test
    • Slug Test
  • Tracer tests
  • application and development of plans for control and monitoring of waste treatment plants and landfills
  • planning and consultancy on various environmental issues
  • supplying and construction of in situ water and land remediation systems
  • land reclamation with chemical-physical and biological methods
  • tank decontamination and removal
  • waste transport on own account