• Project Name
  • Surveys on the area concerned by the construction of the rock-fill dam along the course of the Rio Guavio River
  • Country, Location(s)
  • Colombia
    Rio Guavio, Cordillera oriental
  • Client(s)
  • Aims of the Project
  • To provide geological, structural and geomorphological data in support of the final design, for the procurement of materials and the location of the building yards. Evaluate the possible risks arising from the slope instability induced by the construction of the project road works, carried out during the construction of the dam.
  • Contract Holder(s)
  • Geomap Srl
  • Staff
  • 2 geologists photointerpreters, 2 CAD operators
  • Project Activities
  • In an initial phase of the investigations, the pre-existing aerial photographs were analyzed and the information obtained was transferred on a 1:5,000 topographic base to be checked and integrated in the field.
    The field work consisted of the geostructural and geomorphological characterization of the site, with the creation of thematic maps.
    Subsequently, a geomorphological analysis of the area was performed, based on aerial photographs taken immediately after the construction of the road network, as this caused a series of landslides of various sizes, that, in some cases, completely blocked the yard activity. A comparison between aerial photos taken before and after the landslides was made, in order to analyse the original morphologic setting of the area.
    The legend adopted in the specific case describes, for each landslide (active or potential), the level of the risk deriving from its presence, evaluating the probability that the event may occur (low, medium, high), the resulting effect (small, big, catastrophic), the type of landslide (rockfall or topple, sliding, flowing, complex) and the volume of earth involved, expressed in cubic meters and expressed in magnitude classes, according to the case history of the region.
  • Start (month/year)
  • September 1981
  • End (month/year)
  • September 1984