• Project Name
  • Updating the geographic information base of the land use destination of the Lombardy Region – DUSAF 2001, DUSAF 5 and DUSAF 6
  • Country, Location(s)
  • Italy, Lombardy Region
  • Client(s)
  • ERSAF – Regional Body for Agriculture and Forestry Services, Milan
  • Aims of the Project
  • Realization of the update of the land use cover of the Lombardy Region, by photointerpretation of orthophotos acquired in different years:
    Project Orthophoto
    DUSAF 2001: IT2000;
    DUSAF 5: AGEA 2015;
    DUSAF 6: AGEA 2018
  • Contract Holder(s)
  • Geomap Srl
  • Staff
  • 3 photointerpreters, 1 GIS operator
  • Project Activities
  • The three projects DUSAF2001, DUSAF 5 and DUSAF 6 consisted of updating the land use/land cover geodatabase of the entire regional territory using the orthophoto respectively of the years 2000, 2015 and 2018.
    It was carried out in a GIS environment through the interpretation of digital orthophotos in true and false colors (le latter with a near infrared band), satellite imagery and the help of ancillary data, with the detail comparable to the 1:10,000 scale.
    The interpretation, performed by modifying and/or integrating the existing information layers (areal and linear) both as geometry (maximum tolerance 0.5 mm at 1:10,000 scale) and as semantics, was based on the established DUSAF legend at the 5th classification level.
    The final product is formed by a polygonal information layer, concerning the various classes of land use/land cover, and a linear layer representing hedges and rows of vegetation.
  • Start (month/year)
  • DUSAF 2001: September 2001
    DUSAF 5: February 2016
    DUSAF 6: April 2019
  • End (month/year)
  • DUSAF 2001: December 2001
    DUSAF 5: August 2016
    DUSAF 6: November 2019