• Project Name
  • “Val d’Agri” Concession, geological photo-interpretation: geo-structural study
  • Country, Location(s)
  • Italy
    Val d’Agri, Basilicata
  • Client(s)
  • Saipem Spa, Fano, Italy
  • Aims of the Project
  • To perform a geo-structural study, by photo-interpretation and field work, of the area of the ENI “Val d’Agri” Concession for hydrocarbon exploration and production, in support to the evaluation of vulnerability of the substratum to pollution related to the drilling of oil wells.
  • Contract Holder(s)
  • GEOMAP Studio Geologico
  • Staff
  • 1 geologist photointerpreter, 2 structural geologists, 1 GIS operator
  • Project Activities
  • A bibliographic and cartographic data collection has been preliminarly carried out, followed by the preparation and pre-elaboration of GIS and remote sensing data for the interpretation activities.
    The photo-interpretation of orthophotos has been performed for the realization of the total field of fractures.
    A digital geological map has been compiled from bibliographic and remote sensing data; other maps have been derived from the elaboration of structural data for fracture analysis.
    A field work campaign has been performed in order to verify geological data and collect structural measures in a database and subsequently process them to obtain statistical information to be compared with photo-interpreted fractures;
    In the end, final maps and reports have been produced.


  • Start (month/year)
  • May 2011
  • End (month/year)
  • August 2011