• Project Name
  • Support to building design in the areas affected by the 2016-17 Central Italy earthquakes:
    Recovery and reconstruction of the monumental cemetery of Amatrice (Rieti, Italy).
    Demolition and reconstruction of the Primary School “Q. Majorana” located in Villa Reatina (Rieti, Italy).
  • Country, Location(s)
  • Italy
    Amatrice, Rieti
  • Client(s)
  • Ufficio Speciale Ricostruzione Lazio (Rieti) – Special Office for the Reconstruction of Lazio
  • Aims of the Project
  • To carry out the appropriate geological studies and draft the geological report as per national regulations (NTC2018) to support the Detailed and Final Design of building works in the areas affected by the Central Italy earthquakes (Amatrice Cemetery and “Q. Majorana” School in Rieti).
  • Contract Holder(s)
  • GEOMAP (Principal) in a Temporary Group with Studio Tecnico Gruppo Marche Macerata (Agent)
  • Staff
  • 3 geologists, 1 GIS operator
  • Project Activities
  • The first activity carried out for the two projects was the preparation of the geognostic and geophysical survey plan for the characterization of the subsoil, on the basis of an initial on-site inspection and the current national and regional legislation.
    The planned investigations were subsequently supervised during their execution and, in the case of the Amatrice Cemetery, a detailed geological and geomorphological field work of the area was carried out (for the Majorana school, the geological survey was performed as the area is located in an alluvial plain).
    On the basis of the investigations conducted, the field work and bibliographic data, a geological, hydrological and hydraulic report was drawn up according to the NTC2018 and the regional legislation of Lazio in support of the Detailed and Final Design.
    A 1D Local Seismic Response Analysis was also carried out for the seismic characterization of the intervention site.
  • Start (month/year)
  • Amatrice Cemetery:
    August 2019
    “Q. Majorana” School – Rieti:
    February 2020
  • End (month/year)
  • Amatrice Cemetery:
    October 2020
    “Q. Majorana” School – Rieti:
    in progress